How To Minimise Risk In Crane Operation

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Hiring a mobile crane can significantly fast-track your next construction project by safely and precisely lifting and shifting large and heavy materials around your site in a matter of minutes. However, a mobile crane is a heavy duty piece of equipment that requires specific training and professional licensing for safe and effective operation.

As a mobile crane can be shifting large loads weighing many tonnes, it’s important to take precautions in order to minimise the risks inherent in crane operation. This will not only protect you and your workers, but also the materials and equipment involved, reducing the risk of a costly accident.

For reliable crane hire in Brisbane at an affordable rate, choose Mighty Cranes. Based in Brisbane Southside, we provide quality crane hire services Brisbane, Redlands, and Logan wide, with qualified and experienced crane operators on call 24/7. Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote and comprehensive lift plan.

How To Minimise Risk In Crane Operation

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Planning & Hazard Assessment

The first step to ensure that your next crane lift goes off without a hitch is thorough planning including a hazard and risk assessment. To ensure that the crane lift can be completed safely and effectively, take the time to identify any hazards on the lift site that may obstruct the crane. This could be anything from a tree or nearby building to a live powerline.

These hazards should be identified and addressed before the crane is ever on site. Not only will this ensure the safety of your workers, it will also save you money as crane time on site will be minimised.

Further planning of the lift including identifying the maximum load and height of your lift will ensure that the best crane is chosen for the job, preventing delays as a result of unsuitable equipment arriving on site as well as accidents that may be caused due to the use of said equipment.

Equipment Rating

Once the most suitable crane and equipment have been selected for the job, take the time to double and triple check that all of your equipment (crane, ropes, hooks, chains, etc.) is correctly rated to safely carry the loads that will be lifted.

Failure to check that your equipment is correctly rated for the lift can have catastrophic results including damage to the load, equipment, surrounding property, as well as causing serious injury or even death.

Professional Rigging

Mighty Cranes has a team of highly trained crane operators who are also professional riggers with knowledge and experience in how best to rig hooks, chains, and loads to the crane. This will ensure that each load is safely secured before lifting and that the crane is being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Licensed Operation

Mobile cranes should only be operated by trained and experienced operators holding a valid license. Choosing a crane hire company that provides wet hire services, such as Mighty Cranes, will ensure that your next lift is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

In fact, our team of crane operators are highly trained and experienced with mobile crane lifts in both commercial and residential applications, ranging from shutdown work and building materials to sensitive loads and air conditioning plant lifts. Each of our operators are fully licensed and insured with up to date training for your peace of mind.


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For quality crane hire you can count on at an affordable price, choose Mighty Cranes. Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote and lift plan.

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