What It Takes To Become A Crane Operator

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Although lifting objects and putting them back down may seem like a pretty straight forward job, operating a crane is actually a complex task that requires a lot of skill, and is considered high-risk work. In fact, every year there are a number of injuries and deaths involving the operation of cranes so the job of crane operator is not one to be taken lightly.

What Does A Crane Operator Do?

The duties of a crane operator are to safely and efficiently move and deliver large objects and equipment using a crane. Though it may sound simple, this job comes with a range of responsibilities including:

  • Checking ground condition is suitable for the lift before the crane is set up
  • On site set up of the crane (often including the set up and levelling of outriggers)
  • Ensuring that the capacity of the crane is sufficient to carry the load
  • Checking that weather conditions are suitable for the lift
    Identifying and addressing any obstructions that could hinder the lift
  • Inspecting the crane before use to ensure that all controls, instruments, and gauges are in good working condition
  • Positioning the hook for doggers to attach loads, and chains, etc.
  • Controlling the movement, speed, and positioning of the load in accordance with the directions provided by dogmen
  • Inspecting the crane for damage or wear, lubricating ropes and winches and replacing worn cables
  • Ensuring that all associated safety procedures are followed

Required Skills of a Crane Operator

As the operation of cranes is such high risk work, not just anyone can become a crane operator. In fact, to be a successful crane operator you must have a number of necessary skills to ensure the safety of yourself and others such as:

  • Ability to concentrate for long periods of time
  • Ability to monitor multiple gauges simultaneously
  • Good eyesight and depth perception
  • Ability to operate and control equipment
  • Knowledge of safe heavy equipment operation
  • Understanding of safety issues involved with heavy equipment operation

Licences & Education Required to Operate Mobile Cranes

As well as the skills listed above, each crane operator in Australia is also required to hold to appropriate high risk work license for the equipment they will be using. (Click here for details on each type of high risk work license).

To obtain a high risk work license, applicants are required to register with an approved training organisation and work under the supervision of a fully licensed crane operator. Additionally, they are required to keep a logbook of their training and pass an assessment by an independent assessor.

Alternative pathways to becoming a crane operator include traineeships in construction crane operations or mobile crane operations.

Ongoing Training

In addition to all of the required skills and licenses and training mentioned above, crane operator also require ongoing training to refresh safety procedures and keep their knowledge up to date. This ensures that each lift is performed as safely and efficiently as possible.

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