What Is A Dogman & Why Do I Need One When Hiring A Crane?

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Since the invention of the crane, ‘spotters’ (a.k.a. dogmen) have been used to assist the crane operator in performing safe lifts. The combination of a qualified crane operator and dogman working together is critical to ensure the safe operation of any crane lift.

What Is A Dogman?

A dogman, or crane spotter, performs the essential role of directing the crane operator during the lift. The dogman communicates with the crane operator (either with hand signals, audio, or both) during each lift to direct the load and help the operator accurately shift the load when it’s out of the operator’s view.

Additionally, the dogman is responsible for selecting and inspecting the lifting gear to be used as well as safely slinging a load.

Is Hiring A Dogman Necessary?

Dogmen have an important role in every crane lift and are essential in ensuring that each lift is completed safely, accurately, and efficiently. Additionally, in Australia, dogmen are required by law.

Can Anyone Be A Dogman?

Due to the serious and high risk nature of the job, not just anyone can act as a dogman. In fact, all dogmen require thorough training and a high risk work license. This is because the dogman in order to effectively direct any lift, each dogman is required to direct the crane operator with the proper hand signals.

Additionally, dogmen need a working knowledge of how the crane works and what to avoid in order to effectively direct the operator. This includes:

  • Knowing the crane’s lifting capacity and ensuring that the load fits safely within that limit
  • Knowing which sling to use based on the load size and weight
  • Ensuring that the load is raised perpendicular to the ground
  • Inspecting the rigging chain for damage, kinks, or twisting
  • Ensuring that the proper distance is kept between the centre of the crane and the load’s centre of gravity

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