Are you running an event that needs heavy or awkward items lifted for construction of a stage or showcase? Call your local Brisbane rigging and crane hire company Mighty Cranes. We have a great range of cranes in our fleet suitable for all your lifting and shifting requirements. Our team also consists of crane operators, riggers and dogmen specialised in tight access lifts and shifts. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that we can perform lifts safely and with expert precision. For a free lift plan and quote call Mighty Cranes today on 0477 000 976

So what are the options when it comes to crane hire? Our fleet includes

Pick and carry cranes

Our franna cranes are pick-and-carry cranes, otherwise knows as taxi cranes. Pick and carry cranes allow you to lift and taxi items around the job site without the need to extend the boom, although the Franna can also extend its boom. This is opposed to other mobile cranes or city cranes that remain stationary during the lift, and the boom and turning circle move the item around the site.

City Cranes

At Mighty Cranes, we have all-terrain and rough terrain city cranes. Unlike pick and carry cranes, city cranes typically remain stationary during a lift. Outriggers with floats are deployed to improve stability during the lift. The crane boom, hoist and operators cab is situated on a turntable bearing. The boom extends, and the turntable rotates to move items into position.

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