The Benefits Of Mobile Cranes Over Tower Cranes

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mobile cranes vs tower cranes

Mobile and tower cranes have their own advantages, but sometimes it’s not clear which crane type will suit a project best. Tower cranes have the advantage for skyscrapers and are a requirement; however, there is a middle ground where the pros and cons need to be examined to make the right choice. 

There are many benefits to hiring a mobile crane over a tower crane.


Tight Access Lifts & Mobility

For construction sites where space is limited mobile cranes like the franna crane have a clear advantage. Tower cranes can take up too much space or simply just won’t fit. Mobile cranes tend to be much more compact than tower cranes without compromising on lifting power. Construction materials are arriving all the time on a job site, but scheduling doesn’t always go to plan, and sometimes multiple orders come at once when they were supposed to be hours apart. A mobile crane has the unique advantage of being placed where there is space in the moment compared to a tower crane that takes up a permanent footprint on-site. 

The compact size and mobility of a mobile crane make them uniquely suited to urban settings where there is typically less space, and more obstructions. Mobility is the obvious benefit of a mobile crane.


Time-Saving Set-Up
Mobile cranes can be quickly set up on-site and stabilised with there outriggers deployed.meaning that you maximise your lift time to keep your costs lower. Many mobile cranes are also roadworthy vehicles, meaning they can be driven to the site and quickly deployed rather than being loaded, transported, unloaded and assembled. A tower crane will chew considerable time in setting up and will then be a permanent fixture for the life of the project.


High Lifting Capacity

A common misconception when choosing a mobile crane over a tower crane is that you will be sacrificing lift capacity. However, mobile cranes like the Demag AC 55 tonne mobile crane come with an impressive lifting capacity for their small size. Some mobile cranes are capable of performing lifts of up to 220 tonnes. Their lifting capacity can be credited to heavy-duty axles, outriggers and innovative hydraulic lifting power.



When running a job site managing the outgoing spend and schedule is key to ensuring your project runs to budget. One of the main benefits of choosing mobile crane hire over a tower crane is the ability to call on Mighty Cranes Brisbane crane hire only when needed. Fixed cranes take time to set up and also require qualified staff for the setup process. Because of a mobile crane’s outriggers and being a roadworthy vehicle, it can be driven to the site, set up and begin lifting quickly  (saving you billable hours).


Quick Problem Resolution

When a mobile crane stops working or encounters other issues, it can be switched out quickly for another crane. A tower crane will take time to repair as its not a simple matter of driving a new one on-site. When you lose a crane on-site, you then introduce the cost of lost billed man-hours. It is necessary to replace your crane quickly to reduce the impact it has on lost billable man-hours.


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