How To Save Money When Hiring A Crane

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Hiring a crane can significantly speed up the timeline of your project, saving you time and money. Mobile cranes can be used to assist in a wide range of tasks for both commercial and residential applications, such as lifting and shifting heavy or bulky materials to great heights in a quick and efficient manner.

Below are our top 4 tips on how to save money when hiring a crane. For reliable crane hire in Brisbane at a competitive price, choose Mighty Cranes. Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote.

Make The Choice Between Buying Or Hiring A Crane

The first step to saving money with crane hire is determining whether purchasing or hiring a crane is the right choice for your business. For some companies, purchasing a crane is the obvious choice as you won’t need to pay to hire a crane for each new job.

However. For companies that undertake a wide range of jobs, some of which require the use of cranes, and some that do not, hiring a crane is the ideal option. This is because you won’t have to worry about laying out the high upfront cost of purchasing a crane as well as necessary ongoing costs such as maintenance, repairs, and storage.

Determine Your Crane Hire Needs

Once you have decided on crane hire, you will need to determine your crane hire needs to ensure that the right equipment is hired for a smooth lift. This includes determining the minimum lifting capacity of the crane needed and the maximum height of the lift, as well as any other equipment that may be needed for your specific job.

Additionally, you will need to choose a crane that is able to easily access the site with ample room for set up. This is particularly important for job sites where there is no road access or the ground is uneven or sloped.

Taking the time to outline the requirements of the lift in order to choose the right equipment will ensure that there are no unexpected delays due to equipment failure during the lift.

Choose The Right Crane Hire Company

The crane hire company you choose can be the difference between meeting or exceeding your project budget. Choosing the right crane hire company will ensure that you are provided with an experienced team of crane operators for a quick and effective lift, minimising time wastage.

Mighty Cranes is Brisbane’s number one crane hire company. The Mighty Cranes difference is the amount of planning that goes into every lift. We will ensure that your next lift is professionally planned before the crane even arrives on site, reducing the risk of unexpected delays and saving you time and money. Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote and comprehensive lift plan.

Emergency Crane Hire Brisbane

Plan The Lift & Prepare The Construction Site

Thorough planning and managing your time will save you money when it comes to crane hire, as you will be paying for the crane from the minute it leaves the lot of your crane hire company until it is safely returned.

Taking the time to plan and prepare for the lift by identifying and on site hazards or obstacles that could interfere with the crane hire, as well as the ideal location for the lift, will minimise the time that the crane is on site and reduce costs.

Additionally, ensure that your construction site is prepared to receive the crane on the day of the lift, with nothing in the way of set up, with all items to be lifted ready to go.

Reliable Crane Hire Brisbane

Mighty Cranes makes crane hire simple, with a team of highly trained and experienced operators to ensure that your next lift is completed quickly and safely. We offer affordable crane hire Brisbane wide, including 24/7 emergency crane hire. Call us today on 0477 000 976 and take advantage of our free quote and comprehensive lift plan offer.

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