It’s increasingly more efficient and cost-effective to have buildings or portions of a building manufactured offsite. Prefabricated erection can include 3d and 2d. For example, you may have a 3d structure like a demountable building or have structural steel beams or frames designed specifically for your building. What this then introduces is the need to handle larger items once it has arrived on-site through the use of cranes. On-site Crane operators and dogmen lift pre-fab structures into place with precision. With the help of mobile cranes, pre-fabricated structure go up quickly and often reduces the overall costs compared to some on-site builds

Mighty Cranes provides mobile crane hire services to the building industry and has been trusted by some of the business’s best. Our fleet of mobile cranes includes Pick and Carry franna cranes for taxing items around a job site, and we also have city cranes that are great for tight access and heavy lifts.

We offer wet hire which means our crane services come with the crane operator and dogman. This ensures lifts happen with skill, care and precision. For a free lift plan and quote call Mighty Cranes today on 0477 000 976.

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