Types Of Mobile Cranes & Their Uses

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What Is A Mobile Crane?

A mobile crane is a compact crane that requires minimal setup time and is able to be driven on public roads and highways without risking damage to the crane or the surface it is driven on.

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Mobile cranes used to be a light duty alternative to larger cranes. However, technological advances have resulted in mobile cranes becoming capable of lifting just about anything. The heavy lifting capacity of a mobile crane combined with the mobility that allows them to be driven on-road makes mobile cranes ideal for a range of jobs. Mobile cranes are versatile enough to go straight from a precise domestic furniture lift straight to a heavy duty construction site.

Whether you are looking for a crane to lift a spa onto your back deck or hoist and transport building materials from one jobsite to another, mobile cranes are a time saving, cost effective option.

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Three of the most common cranes used on Australian construction sites are Franna cranes, all terrain cranes and rough terrain cranes.

What Is A Franna Crane?

Franna cranes are a type of pick-and-carry crane. Based in Brisbane Australia, Franna cranes can now be found on construction sites worldwide. Franna cranes come with a lifting capacity of 10 – 25 tons.

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What Is A Franna Crane Used For?

Specifically designed for the space limitations of Brisbane city job sites, Franna cranes are ideal for use on jobs with restricted access. Franna cranes are compact and roadworthy vehicles. This means that there is minimal wait time when hiring a Franna crane as it can be driven on road directly to the job site.

Because of the compact size and manoeuvrability of franna cranes, they can be used to perform tight access lifts with high accuracy. Franna cranes are also able to be driven onto construction sites where traditionally larger cranes would not fit.

Franna cranes are a taxi type crane. This is because they can be used to taxi heavy items between job sites. Frannas can also be used for both commercial and domestic lifts. Whether you need to lift a spa onto your back deck or transport building materials, Franna cranes will get the job done, fast.

With the high on road speeds of Franna cranes, you will save time. And with the heavy lifting capacity of a Franna crane, you can save money by having the crane transport materials as well as lift them when it arrives at the job site.

Additionally, Franna cranes come with little to no setup. This saves you time and money as the crane will be ready for use shortly after arriving on site. Franna cranes are both versatile and cost effective. Choose Franna crane hire for your next lift to keep your job on time and in budget.

What Is An All Terrain Crane?

All terrain cranes are a combination of a standard truck crane and a rough terrain crane. All terrain cranes come with the manoeuvrability of a rough terrain crane allowing it to travel on any surface. This makes all terrain cranes ideal for use on jobs in remote areas or with no road access.

The manoeuvrability of rough terrain cranes is combined with the mobility of truck cranes allowing the all terrain crane to be driven on public roads and highways at high speeds. This means that all terrain cranes can travel between job sites independently of transport equipment. This will save time and money when using a single crane for lifts on multiple job sites.

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What Is An All Terrain Crane Used For?

All terrain cranes have an average maximum height of 150 metres making it ideal for use on any sized construction site. And with the characteristic telescopic boom of an all terrain crane, it is able to retract the boom enough to be safe for travel on Australian roads.

With an average lifting capacity of over 1000 tons, all terrain cranes can be used for anything from domestic shipping container lifts to lifting materials on city construction sites. Plus, all terrain cranes are built for operation in almost any climate both extreme heat and cold.

Arguably the most versatile of all mobile cranes, all terrain cranes can be quickly rigged even in confined construction sites and require minimal setup.

Rough Terrain Crane

As the name suggests, rough terrain cranes are built to be used where rough road conditions would otherwise make crane lifts impossible.

Rough terrain cranes are optimised for travel over rough terrain with their high ground clearance and heavy duty wheels. The compact frame of a rough terrain crane means that it is able to be used in tight access areas where only mobile cranes would fit.

Characterised by their ability to access and perform work in confined areas, Rough terrain cranes are highly manoeuvrable. They come equipped with a single cab for both crane operation and driving which contributes to its compact size. Rough terrain cranes also have over sized tires to better navigate unimproved construction sites and crab steering allowing for maximum manoeuvrability.

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What Is A Rough Terrain Crane Used For?

Rough terrain cranes are ideal for use on sites with no road access, uneven ground, and unimproved worksites. They are equipped with outriggers that require minimal setup for maximum stability during hoisting.

Rough terrain cranes are a cost efficient alternative for use on rough terrain that would otherwise require crawler cranes. Rough terrain cranes are particularly popular for use in the rough Australian outback and construction sites in remote areas.

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