Tips On Securing A Construction Site Overnight

Creating a secure construction site is essential not only to ensure workplace safety, but also to protect your equipment and materials from theft and damage that could cost your money and even setback the timeline of your project.

Below are our top four tips for securing your construction site overnight to protect your tools, hired equipment, and materials.

Visual Deterrents

The first point of contact any potential intruders will have with your construction site is looking in from the outside. By using a number of visual deterrents, you can prevent would-be trespassers from ever entering your site. This is a simple and cost effective way to secure your construction site and reduce the risk of theft, damage, and loss of production due to trespassing.

For example, displaying warning signs around the perimeter of the construction site such as “trespassers will be prosecuted”, and “all site visitors must be inducted”. Another useful visual deterrent for construction sites is keeping the area well lit at all times. Not only will this make skulking around the construction site more difficult without being seen by passersby, it can also give the impression that there are still workers on site, and can help with the identification of trespassers from video surveillance if necessary.

Security Fences & Locks

Erecting a locked security fence around your construction site is another visual and physical deterrent to trespassers. The harder it is to gain access to the construction site, the more likely it will be that trespassers are deterred before ever entering the site.

Additionally, ensure that all toolboxes and expensive equipment are lockup up and do not leave keys in the ignition of any machinery on site. Although determined criminals can bring tools that will break through any lock, simply adding a padlock to equipment and toolboxes can be enough to deter most thieves.

Ensure that expensive tools and equipment are hidden from street view. Where possible, use locked shipping containers to hide and protect materials and valuables overnight. Not only will this deter thieves as they can’t see what’s inside, it will also make it much harder for them to steal.

Overnight Security Guards

For larger city and commercial construction sites consider hiring overnight security guards to patrol the site after hours. Alternatively, have security guards on call 24/7 that will be able to reach the site on short notice in the event of a disturbance.

Alternatively, set up cameras on site and hire a virtual guard to keep watch overnight.

Adhere To Equipment Hire Conditions

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When hiring expensive equipment such as a crane for your construction project there will be a number of conditions stipulated for the hire and care of the equipment that must be adhered to. This may include how the equipment should be secured when not in use and is part of your legal requirements as the hiree. Failing to follow the guidelines provided by the crane hire company can result in theft and/or damages that will not be covered by insurance.

This is particularly important when hiring heavy machinery such as a crane as a crane that is not correctly shutdown and secured can, in the wrong hands, cause significant damage and delays to your construction project, let alone the cost of repairs and even replacement for the crane.


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