The Benefits Of Wet Crane Hire

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Mobile cranes are used on construction sites across Australia, both large and small, to make quick work out of lifting and shifting large and heavy objects, from building materials to heavy machinery. 

Mighty Cranes is Brisbane’s leading mobile crane hire company, providing reliable wet crane hire Brisbane wide at competitive rates. Call us today for expert advice and a free, no-obligation quote on your next lift. 

What Is Wet Crane Hire?

Wet crane hire or wet hire of any equipment is when the hired equipment comes with a licensed operator to carry out the work. Conversely, dry crane hire is the hire of the equipment only, meaning you will need to organise your own crane operator. 

Wet crane hire is a safe and cost-effective alternative to dry hire as you will be guaranteed to have a licensed and fully insured crane operator to ensure that your next lift is completed on time and within budget. 

The Benefits Of Wet Crane Hire

There are several benefits to opting for wet crane hire over dry hire, such as increased safety, streamlined hiring process, simplified crane hire costs, and lift reliability. 

Increased Safety

One of the key benefits of wet crane hire is the increased safety it provides, as you will be guaranteed the hire of a skilled crane operator who is experienced with the equipment you’ve hired. 

While dry crane hire means that you will need to hire your lifting equipment from one company and your crane operator from another, with wet hire, you can be assured that the accompanying operator is trained and experienced in the use of your chosen crane. 

Additionally, some people may choose to save costs with dry hire if there is already a worker with the license to operate a crane on site. However, with wet crane hire, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of a crane operator whose full-time job involves working in and around cranes.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Another benefit of choosing wet hire over dry crane hire is that you will only need to contact one company to take care of all of your crane hire needs. This removes the added stress and cost of having to organise and hire a crane operator separate to the crane hire. 

With wet hire, the crane hire company will take care of everything, from crane attachments, maintenance, and repairs, to insurance and lift planning. In fact, Mighty Cranes offers a complimentary lift planning service to ensure that each lift is completed safely and efficiently, minmising time on site and potential disruptions to reduce hire costs. 

Cost-Effective Crane Hire

When it comes to wet crane hire, the lift is able to be fully insured as the crane hire company is able to provide their own skilled and licensed operator to carry out the work, which also makes the lift left risky from an insurance perspective. 

Another cost-saving benefit of wet crane hire is that everything is taken care of by the crane hire company, from equipment transport to lift planning, saving you time and money on each lift. Additionally, as the crane operator provided will be familiar with the equipment already, there will be no time wasting when the crane arrives on site, allowing the lift to be completed quickly and efficiently. 

On-Time Lifts

When you hire a crane through wet hire service, you are also less likely to experience costly delays or disruptions that could set back the timeline of your project. This is particularly true with the increased scarcity of skilled workers available as a result of the significant impact that the recent pandemic had on the construction industry.

For example, having to coordinate your own crane operator with the hire of a crane means that if the operator is out sick or otherwise indisposed, the lift will not be able to go ahead. Conversely, with wet crane hire, the crane operator and crane are provided by a crane hire company, meaning that you will never be out of pocket for crane hire with no operator available to carry out the lift.  

Affordable Wet Crane Hire Brisbane

If you’re looking for affordable wet crane hire in Brisbane, look no further than Mighty Cranes. Our team of skilled crane operators are experienced in a wide range of lifts, both residential and commercial; no job is too big or small. 

Whether you’re installing a pool in your backyard or you’re looking for long term wet crane hire for your busy construction project, Mighty Cranes has the solution. Our fleet of versatile mobile cranes includes franna, city, all-terrain, and rough terrain cranes for all of your lifting needs. Plus, we have fully licensed and insured crane operators on call 24/7 to ensure that no matter when you need a lift, Mighty Cranes has got you covered.

Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote and comprehensive lift plan, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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