Crane Attachments And What They Are Used For

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Mobile cranes are used across a wide range of industries, from commercial construction to warehousing, mining, and manufacturing, to safely lift and shift large and heavy materials and objects in a fraction of the time that it would take to do manually. 

While cranes come in many different types and sizes, designed for different applications with varying lifting capacities, like any other piece of machinery, cranes also have their limitations. Crane lifting attachments are designed to expand the use of cranes, allowing for the safe lifting and transport of a wider range of goods and materials, including personnel and even first aid rescues. 

From spreader beams to crane bins and man cages, there are a wide range of crane attachments available to suit a range of different industries and lifting requirements. With the right crane and crane attachments, you can ensure that your next lift is completed as safely and efficiently as possible, keeping your project on schedule and within budget. 

If you’re looking for reliable mobile crane hire in Brisbane, look no further than Mighty Cranes. Our versatile fleet of mobile cranes includes franna, city, all-terrain, and rough terrain cranes for all of your lifting needs. Call us today on 0477 000 976 for a free quote and lift plan. 

Crane Attachments And What They Are Used For

Crane Lifting Cages

Crane lifting cages are heavy-duty steel cages that can be used to transport personnel, goods and materials, and more. Crane lifting cages are versatile crane attachments that are regularly used in warehousing, mining, transport, and construction industries. 

Some of the most commonly used types of crane lifting cages include; brick or block cages, man cages, and first aid cages.

Brick Cages

Brick cages, also known as block cages, are designed to safely transport pallets of bricks or similar loose materials stacked on pallets using an overhead crane. Lifting from four points, the heavy-duty cage keeps the load contained while conveying the load from one location to another. 

Crane Man Cages

Crane man cages are used to ensure the safe transport of personnel between working levels and are commonly used in factories, warehouses, and on construction sites. Crane man cages can also be used to assist personnel in transporting their tools and materials between high-level and low-level work locations. 

While crane man cages can be transported with a forklift, they are designed for use specifically with cranes, helping to protect personnel and create a safer workplace. 

First Aid Cages

Similar to crane man cages, first aid cages are also designed to safely transport personnel. However, a first aid cage is built for a stretcher to lay down inside with room to accommodate assisting first aid personnel. This allows for the emergency retrieval and first aid rescue of injured personnel when needed. 

Ideal for use in emergency evacuations and first aid rescue scenarios, first aid cages are a great option for businesses that require a reliable rescue cage onsite. 

Concrete Kibbles

Concrete kibbles are a commonly used crane attachment that allows for the easy transfer of concrete on site. The concrete kibble is suspended overhead via a crane with optional discharge points on the bottom and side of the unit. The intelligently designed lever operation allows for heightened user control when working with concrete on site. 

When not in use, concrete kibbles can be easily transported using the built-in forklift pockets. 

Boat Slings

As the name suggests, a boat sling is a crane attachment that is designed for use when lifting a boat. Typically used with travel lift cranes, boat slings are designed for a wide load bearing lifting surface with flat slings in order to minimise any damage to the boat’s hull during a lift. 

Chine pads can also be used when using a boat sling attachment for added protection from extrusions and keels. 

Spreader Beams

A Spreader beam ia a versatile crane lifting attachment that can be used for a variety of jobs. Spreader beams are used to assist crane operators in lifting large and heavy loads, protecting the load from rigging materials, and ensuring a maintained sling angle. 

The low profile of spreader beams makes them ideal for use in tight-access lifts with limited headroom, such as in manufacturing or storage facilities. 

Crane Drum Handling Attachments

Crane drum handling attachments are used to assist in the safe transport of steel or plastic materials drums, with drum lifting chains and drum grab attachments for added security.

Crane Lift Bins

Crane lift bins are ideally suited for the collection, storage, or easy disposal of loose goods or components. Commonly used in manufacturing, mining, construction, warehousing, and waste disposal industries, crane lift bins are the perfect handling solution for waste, loose products, and other materials. 

Slab Bundle Handler

A slab bundle handler is a specific type of crane attachment that is used to lift and move slabs of marble and granite from closed-top containers. The addition of a slab bundle handler allows mobile cranes to carry out many of the same functions as a forklift truck on a larger scale. 

Providing a safe and secure way to lift heavy slab stone bundles, slab bundle handlers can be used to increase efficiency and improve worker safety on site.

Coil C-Hooks

Coil C-hooks are commonly used in the steel industry to efficiently pick up and move steel coils, with an appropriate counterweight used to balance the hook. Customised coil c-hook crane attachments can be made with soft wearing pads to prevent scratching and other damage to steel coils while lifting. 

Automatic Slab Tongs and Grabs

Automatic slab tongs and grabs are designed to efficiently move single slabs using an automatic latching mechanism. This crane attachment simplifies the slab-moving process for the crane operator as there is no need to align the tong points with the edge of the slabs when lifting. 

Lifting Sling Chain

A sling is a crane lifting attachment that can be configured to move specific loads ranging from pipes and stones to transformers and augers. A lifting sling chain can be configured with one or multiple chains that are fitted with hooks or loop chains designed to safely lift barrels or drums. 

Mobile Crane Hire Brisbane

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