What is a Pick and Carry Crane and What is it Used For

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With so many different types of cranes available, from mobile cranes to tower cranes and everything in between, it can be difficult to keep track of what each type of crane is and what it is typically used for. However, choosing the right crane for your job is essential in ensuring that your next lift is completed as safely and efficiently as possible. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to hiring the right type and size of crane, talk to your local Brisbane crane hire company – Mighty Cranes.

When it comes to mobile crane hire in Brisbane, Mighty Cranes are the experts. We have a versatile fleet of mobile cranes available for use in both residential and commercial lifts across Brisbane, including pick and carry cranes. Call Mighty Cranes on 0477 000 976 for all of your Brisbane crane hire needs. 

What is a Pick and Carry Crane?

A pick and carry crane is a highly maneuverable and versatile mobile crane that is commonly used on Australian construction sites as well as for residential lifts. In fact, the pick and carry crane was invented by an Australian engineer in 1980. As the name suggests, pick and carry cranes are able to drive while holding a load, allowing operators to safely lift and shift materials from one point to another.

This means that, unlike other mobile cranes that can only move when not holding a load, pick and carry cranes can be used to lift and then transport large and heavy items to different areas of a construction site when needed. 

Pick and carry cranes are also typically smaller than other mobile cranes but may still have a lifting capacity of up to 25 tonnes. 

What is a Pick and Carry Crane Used For?

Their compact size makes pick and carry cranes ideal for use on projects with limited space and even for indoor lifts. With the ability to move while carrying a full load, pick and carry cranes are also best suited for jobs where heavy materials may need to be loaded and moved to another area before unloading. 

Unlike other mobile cranes that require outriggers and other support to ensure a safe lift, pick and carry cranes require minimal setup and are highly maneuverable. 

Pick & Carry Cranes Brisbane

If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile, and highly maneuverable mobile crane for hire in Brisbane, a pick and carry crane could be the solution. Mighty Cranes provides competitively priced pick and carry crane hire Brisbane wide. Plus, with skilled crane operators on call 24/7, we’ve got you covered for all of your crane hire needs. 

Call us today on 0477 000 976 to discuss whether a pick and carry crane is right for your next lift and take advantage of our free quote and comprehensive lift plan offer. 

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