The Benefits of All Terrain Crane Hire

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What Is An All Terrain Crane?

As the name suggests, an all terrain crane is made for use on all different types of terrain and is also operational in varying weather conditions. An all terrain crane is a hybrid between rough terrain cranes that are designed to be used on unaltered ground, and pick and carry cranes that can be used to lift and transport loads a short distance.

As a mobile crane, all terrain cranes can be driven at high speeds on public roads and highways. However, they are also able to be used to reach sites with no road access that other mobile cranes can’t reach, and can be used on other rough surfaces such as sand and gravel.

What Is An All Terrain Crane Used For?

All terrain cranes are a highly versatile lifting machine due to their unique ability to operate both on and off-road. All terrain cranes are often used for remote construction sites with no road access and have a range of uses from erecting wind turbines to lifting precast concrete building sections into place.

With the flexibility of a pick and carry crane, all terrain cranes are also ideal for inner city construction sites and for use between multiple construction sites within a small radius. All terrain cranes are also ideal for long term hire as their ability to withstand a range of adverse weather conditions (from -25 degrees celsius to 40+ degrees). This makes all terrain crane hire ideal for any job where ground or weather conditions may be an issue.

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The Benefits Of All Terrain Crane Hire

High Mobility & Maneuverability

One benefit of an all terrain crane is its superior mobility and maneuverability. With an all wheel drive suspension system, and the ability to travel both on and off-road including between construction sites and on unaltered surfaces, an all terrain crane is the ultimate in both mobility and maneuverability.

Superior Lifting Capacity & Height

All terrain cranes are highly versatile machines with lift capacities ranging from 40 tons to 1000 tons. Additionally, all terrain cranes can lift loads up to 150 metres high. Whether you’re lifting a large couch into a fifth floor apartment building or a pre-cast concrete slab, an all terrain crane will get the job done, quickly.

High On Road Speeds

Another benefit of an all terrain crane is that it is also a road worthy vehicle. This greatly reduces travel costs as the crane can be drive to the construction site. And, not only can an all terrain travel on public roads, it also has the capacity to travel at almost 90 kilometres per hour for a swift arrival to any job site.

Highly Adjustable

All terrain cranes are also able to be adjusted on site to suit the job at hand. This is due to the hydraulic boom of all terrain cranes allowing the boom to be extended and retracted as needed. This means that all terrain cranes can be used for a range of different jobs on a single jobsite from lifting and hauling to reaching.

Increased Safety

Another benefit of all terrain cranes is increased safety during operation. This is due to the long and high windows of the cab that allow for maximum view of the jobs site during any lift. Plus, the ergonomic cab of an all terrain crane is also climate controlled to ensure the operator stays alert and focused during any lift.

Minimal Setup

Finally, all terrain cranes require minimal set up and can be quickly rigged. Combined with their high on road speeds, this means that you can have an all terrain on site and set up quickly which will save you money and ensure that your job is completed on schedule.

Choose Mighty Cranes

The only thing better than an all terrain crane is an all terrain crane operated by one of Mighty Crane’s highly trained operators. Whether you’re a homeowner installing a pool or a site manager looking to lift a few roof trusses, Mighty Cranes has got you covered. We offer reliable crane hire Brisbane wide, at a competitive price.

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