What Is A Mobile Crane & What Is It Used For?

What Is A Mobile Crane?

A mobile crane is a cable controlled crane for lifting and shifting heavy items, that is typically mounted in tires or crawlers to allow for easy movement from one location to another. There are a number of different types of mobile cranes designed for different applications including:

Franna Cranes: designed for tight access lifts and for taxiing heavy items short distances

All Terrain Cranes: designed for both on and off road operation and suitable for use in most weather conditions

Rough Terrain Cranes: designed to carry out stable lifts on uneven surfaces and for jobs with no road access

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What Is A Mobile Crane Used For?

Mobile cranes are used to raise and lower heavy or large objects as well as shifting them horizontally to a new location. There are a number of common uses for mobile cranes in both commercial and domestic environments including:


  • Constructing Tower Cranes
  • Shifting Building Materials
  • Lifting Large Signswhat is a mobile crane
  • Shifting Demountables
  • Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Plant Lifts



What’s The Difference Between A Mobile Crane And A Tower Crane?

The key difference between a mobile crane and a tower crane is that a tower crane is fixed, whereas, a mobile crane is mounted on tires or crawlers allowing them to be moved around job sites and even travel on roads.

Tower cranes tend to be used in the construction of tall buildings. Conversely, mobile cranes are much more versatile and have a range of commercial and domestic uses as outlined above.

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