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We operate a 24 hr service 7 days so you can rest assured that no matter when you need a reliable lifting service Mighty Cranes is here to help you complete your project on time and within budget whilst complying with all workplace health and safety requirements.

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Crane Hire Brisbane – City and Franna Hire

Mighty Cranes is a Brisbane crane hire and rigging company that offers lift and shift services to the Building, Mining, Boat building industries and general public. We specialise in Shutdown work, Sensitive loads, Building materials and Air Conditioning plant lifts. Mighty Cranes services the Brisbane, Logan and Redland Bayside area.

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Mobile Crane Hire

Mighty Cranes, which services the Brisbane, Logan and Redlands Bayside regions, offers crane hire solutions for your mobile lifting requirements. Our Brisbane crane hire team is fully insured providing leading cranes and trained operators to ensure your next lift is planned & safe for minimal time waste and cost efficiency.

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Franna Crane Hire Brisbane

“Mighty cranes are an experienced crane hire company that provide exceptional lifts for construction projects.” – Ryan

moving large benchtop on contruction site

Crane Hire Brisbane

Mighty Cranes is a local crane hire Brisbane company offering professional, quick and easy mobile crane hire. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week with quick response emergency crane hire servicing North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan and Redlands Bayside area. We have a range of cranes available for hire, suitable to almost any  jobsite, including rough terrainall terrain, City and Franna crane hire Brisbane. 

Mighty cranes specialises in pick and carry, lifting, crane and rigging hire services for the Building, Mining, Boat building and air conditioning industries. With a highly trained, professional team of crane operators and a great range of cranes, Mighty Cranes is equipped to manage any commercial or domestic lifting, shifting and rigging jobs in Brisbane. If you are looking to hire a crane Brisbane wide, call Mighty cranes on 0477 000 976 today!

With Mighty Cranes you can rest assured that no matter when you need a reliable crane and rigging service, Mighty Cranes is here to help you complete your project on time and within budget whilst complying with all workplace health and safety requirements. Mighty Cranes is your Brisbane crane hire company.


Mighty cranes was actually a referral from another project I worked on where they lifted a large marble counter top into an apartment. I was so impressed with the skill and the ability to move the table within inches of where it needed to be. Andrew was so amazing” – Kylie

Moving oversized furniture into an apartment

CONTACT US ON 0477 000 976

A benefit of using Mighty Cranes is the preparation we put into any lift. We’re involved in planning well before we arrive on site with our crane and equipment. We can arrange to meet on site free of charge to provide a quote and comprehensive lift plan.


Mobile Crane Hire

With a range of mobile cranes available, including Franna cranes and city cranes, we can offer a speedy arrival and a quick set-up, for efficient and on budget Brisbane crane hire. Our highly trained crane operatives are professional riggers, complying with all Australian safety regulations we ensure safety and efficiency in any Brisbane rigging and lifting jobs.

Franna Crane Hire

The “Pick-and-Carry” or “Taxi” Franna cranes are versatile and compact which makes Franna cranes the popular choice for mobile crane hire Brisbane. With their compact size and mobility, our Franna cranes can arrive quickly to Brisbane jobsites, including emergency call-outs and domestic work. The quick deployment and minimal set-up time of Franna cranes allow them to be used in place of small truck cranes to provide a more budget friendly and time efficient hire crane service for Brisbane projects. 

Franna crane hire is also a great choice for domestic lifts when you need to taxi heavy items around a property like shipping containers, demountables, fibreglass pools, granny flats, spas and gardening supplies.

City Crane Hire

We also offer city crane hire, with off road tyres for ease of access to any Brisbane site and built in stabilisers to ensure safety for all lifts. Due to the all terrain city crane’s versatility and capability to be used in extreme temperatures, it can be used efficiently in almost any environment. For one of the best Brisbane crane companies, call 0477 000 976.

Affordable Crane Hire Brisbane

Hire A Crane Brisbane

All Terrain Crane Hire

An all terrain crane is a combination of a truck mounted crane and a rough terrain crane. All terrain cranes are the perfect hybrid combining the off road capabilities of rough terrain cranes with the mobility and on road speed of truck cranes. With the ability to drive on any terrain, as indicated by the name, all terrain crane hire is perfect for use on Brisbane construction sites with no roads and remote job sites without road access where other cranes would not be able to travel to. Looking to hire an all terrain crane in Brisbane? Mighty Cranes have a fleet of mobile cranes including all terrain cranes at great crane hire rates!

Rough Terrain Crane Hire

Rough terrain cranes are characterised by their ability to access job sites with limited working areas and a single cab for both operating and driving the crane. They are equipped with, a short wheelbase and oversized tires for ease of movement over rough surfaces. Rough terrain cranes are designed to be able to travel on worksites without established roads and lift in confined spaces where other, less maneuverable cranes, are not able. Mighty cranes is the best choice of crane hire company for rough terrain crane hire Brisbane.

Pick and Carry Crane Hire

Pick and carry cranes, commonly referred to as franna cranes, are a popular choice for use when dealing with large distances between job sites often encountered in Australia, specifically Brisbane. Pick and carry cranes are often used in place of smaller truck cranes as they do not require stabilizer legs or outriggers resulting in a much quicker setup time. As the name denotes, pick and carry cranes are specifically designed to both lift and transport to a destination within a small area. Franna crane hire are perfect for use on construction sites, in warehouses, for plant maintenance, and even domestic lifts as they are designed for use on public roads. To hire a Franna crane Brisbane from the leading crane hire company, call Mighty Cranes today.

For quick, easy and cost-effective City and Franna crane hire Brisbane, contact us today.

Rigging Brisbane

Rigging is an essential part of any lift involving the repositioning, movement and securing of large loads. Mighty cranes consist of an experienced team that have had extensive training in both rigging and crane operation. Correct rigging is one of the key aspects of ensuring a stable load and a safe lift.

Free Quotes

We offer a quote service where we can arrange a consultation, on site and free of charge, to design a comprehensive lift plan, including full risk assessments, specific to the requirements of each job we take on. Our highly trained team are quickly able to identify the correct slings and shackles required for each lift. Mighty Cranes is leading provider of crane hire services and rigging Brisbane wide.

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